The Web10G Project

Web10G offers users, developers, and network engineers the tools to diagnose and correct hidden network issues. 

A huge part of the success of the Internet comes from the extent to which TCP hides the details of the network from both users and applications. This is critically important for the independent evolution of applications and the network, but it has a negative side as well - it hides all the flaws in the network. Exposing and correcting these defects is essential to attaining full network performance.

Web10G is working to provide an instrumented implementation of TCP as part of standard Linux. This implementation will expose TCP's hidden machinery and allow any interested user to "look under the hood" and see how TCP actually functions under normal network use. It promises innovations in performance, stability, optimization, and network diagnostics to anyone who wants to fully exploit modern high bandwidth connections.

Web10G is a direct follow-on to the groundbreaking work pioneered by the Web100 project team: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, National Center for Atmospheric Research, and National Center for Supercomputing Applications.

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The most recent version of the kernel patch and userland API can be found here.